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HP-UX LVM scripts (update)

2 minute read

Over the last couple of years I have made some small and not so small improvements to the LVM scripts for HP-UX. Most notably additional options/toggles were...

Tracing automounter

2 minute read

Levels Two levels of automounter tracing are available:

Running Zim in WSL

less than 1 minute read

Steps to run Zim on Windows Subsystem for Linux:

Serviceguard - problem with HA-NFS shares

3 minute read

Problem At cluster package stop, a file system is not unmounting correctly because the underlying NFS share is not being unshared first correcty:

How to fix permissions on a live mountpoint

less than 1 minute read

The usual way to update the ownerships and/or permissions of an actual mountpoint directory is to unmount the filesystem, then update its attributes and then...

ZFS appliance scripts

less than 1 minute read

Oracle ZFS appliances provide a javascript-like scripting language that can be used to query the appliance. Here are 2 scripts that have come in very handy ...

cpsh commands

2 minute read

About cpsh allows the real-time display of Glance metrics from any system where the perfd daemon is running. If no options (with exceptions mentioned below)...

LUN ID 0 issue

3 minute read

Background HP-UX requires at least one LUN device to be present with LUN or SCSI ID 0 in order to scan the corresponding SCSI bus. This LUN ID 0 device will...

OA (Operations Agent) troubleshooting

3 minute read

About For many years I have dealing with the HP OpenView OA (Operations Agent) either its in full incarnation of the software stack or just when using the O...

What is a LUNZ device?

3 minute read

About LUNZ is defined as : The logical unit number that an application client uses to communicate with, configure and determine information about an SCSI s...

HP-UX LVM scripts in Linux style

2 minute read

I wrote a couple of Perl scripts that make querying basic LVM information on HP-UX hosts a bit easier and show info alike the much loved Linux tools pvs/vgs/...

List IBM tapes (atdd)

less than 1 minute read

A quick-and-dirty script to list the details of IBM atdd tape devices:

How to send SNMP traps (OVPA)

less than 1 minute read

Since the HP OV Performance Agent is installed on most HP-UX systems, the trapsend command can be used to send SNMP test traps.

Set up BIND on HP-UX

3 minute read

About This is a short guide in getting a DNS server up and running on a HP-UX system. The obvious choice for DNS server software is BIND as pre-compiled bun...

Unable to open pty: no such file or directory

1 minute read

It appears that OpenVZ and CentOS can have some issues regarding udev. After installing the Development tools yum package I found myself unable to do anythin...

Migrating from Bacula to Burp

12 minute read

I migrated from the Bacula backup/restore tool (v5) to the Burp software. In this short article I will talk a bit about the rationale behind that decision ...

OpenVZ failing to assign IP address

1 minute read

I was presented with quite an unpleasant surprise today when I rebooted a few OpenVZ containers running CentOS 7 with the latest patches applied. Though ea...

Clean up failed LUN paths on HP-UX

1 minute read

About The is a small script to show and/or remove failed LUN paths on HP-UX using the scsimgr tool. Code Download the script fro...

SSH X11 forwarding not working

less than 1 minute read

Problem X11 forwarding via SSH is not working and gives following error in SYSLOG:

OpenVZ breaks networking

1 minute read

I planned a reboot of my server(s) over the weekend to fix a hanging ILO problem. Since the remote console was out of order, I had to go the datacenter offer...

Why I use ZIM Wiki

2 minute read

My main use for Zim Wiki is that of a documentation tool covering the tasks and projects I am doing as a freelancer system administrator/engineer. And at th...

Check VxVM dmp paths

less than 1 minute read

A quick snippet to count the multi-paths for each disk:

How to make ksh behave like Bash

less than 1 minute read

Following snippet is not by my hand but I am posting it anyway as I am unable to find the original reference to it.

How to enable agile naming mode in VxVM

1 minute read

By default Veritas Volume Manager uses HP-UX legacy naming scheme instead of the agile view. Below is a procedure to change this behaviour.

HP Proliant HW monitor

4 minute read

About The hppro_hwmon Perl script will query the HP Linux hpasmcli and hpacucli command-line tools to check or show the health of your Proliant hardware. It...

Serviceguard ECMT Oracle mount helper

4 minute read

About The script provides a quick way to manually (de)-activate the disk resources (VxVM) of a cluster package created with the Servicegua...



MSX Nostalgia

I am (still) hosting a small set of downloadable disk images (DSK) for the once-so-popular MSX home computer system (1980’s).