The HC framework is implemented as a set of of Korn shell (KSH) scripts:

  • main script that provides the engine to the individual health checks, it deals with the logging and alerting etc.

  • A number of the HC plugins written as KSH functions and loaded at run-time using the FPATH setings (see man ksh):


The HC tool will be installed into following locations:

  • /opt/hc: location of the scripts
  • /opt/hc/bin: location of the main script
  • /opt/hc/lib/core: location of core plugins & includes
  • /opt/hc/lib/platform/: location HC plugins (platform dependent)
  • /opt/hc/lib/customer/: location of customer specific HCs
  • /etc/opt/hc: location of any (custom) configuration files for individual HCs
  • /etc/opt/hc/core: location of main configuration file
  • /var/opt/hc: location of the log, event & state files
  • /var/opt/hc/events: location of event files (STDOUT/STDERR)
  • /var/opt/hc/state: location of state files
  • /var/opt/hc/archive: location of archived log messages