The Sun FM MIB (SUN-FM-MIB.mib) provides access to SUN Fault Manager information such as:

  • Active problems on the system
  • Fault Manager events
  • Fault Manager configuration information

There are four main tables to read:

Sun FM MIB |. | Fault Management problems
Sun FM MIB |. | Fault Management fault events
Sun FM MIB |. | Fault Management module configuration
Sun FM MIB |. | Fault Management faulty resources

$ snmpwalk -v 2c serv1 .


The Sun AK MIB (SUN-AK-MIB.mib) provides the following information:

  • Product description string and part number
  • Appliance software version
  • Appliance and chassis serial numbers
  • Install, update and boot times
  • Cluster state
  • Share status (share name, size, used and available bytes)

There are three main tables to read:

Sun AK MIB | . | General appliance info
Sun AK MIB | . | Cluster status
Sun AK MIB | . | Share status

$ snmpwalk -v 2c serv1 .

:warning: keep in mind that a reboot of a ZFS appliance will likely cause OID items in these ranges to be re-ordered each time. So if you are using a monitoring that tracks values based on fixed OIDs they will most likely end up with wrong values after a reboot!