cpsh allows the real-time display of Glance metrics from any system where the perfd daemon is running. If no options (with exceptions mentioned below) are present, cpsh will run in interactive mode, otherwise it will run in batch mode. It requires a REAL-TIME license:

# /opt/OV/bin/oalicense -get -all
LICENSE NAME                                                    TYPE        ACTIVATION    EXPIRY        EXTN
HP Operations OS Inst Performance LTU                           EVALUATION  26/Mar/2013   25/May/2013   0
Glance Software LTU                                             EVALUATION  26/Mar/2013   25/May/2013   0
Glance Software LTU                                             PERMANENT   17/May/2018   N/A           N/A
HP Operations OS Inst Adv SW LTU                                PERMANENT   17/May/2018   N/A           N/A
HP Ops OS Inst to Realtime Inst LTU                             PERMANENT   17/May/2018   N/A           N/A <-------


Show metric classes

# cpsh -d | grep -w "class"

 class gbl (GLOBAL), 631 metrics:
 class tbl (TABLE), 49 metrics:
 class app (APPLICATION), 89 metrics:
 class proc (PROCESS), 283 metrics:
 class pfile, 8 metrics:
 class bydsk (DISK), 78 metrics:
 class fs (FILESYSTEM), 40 metrics:
 class lv (LVOLUME), 22 metrics:
 class bynetif (NETIF), 32 metrics:
 class byswp (SWAP), 6 metrics:
 class bycpu (CPU), 67 metrics:
 class byregion (PREGION), 31 metrics:
 class bynfs (NFS), 34 metrics:
 class bynfsop (NFSOP), 12 metrics:
 class byop (GBLNFSOP), 8 metrics:
 class syscall, 12 metrics:
 class bydskdetail (DISKDETAIL), 3 metrics:
 class fsdetail, 3 metrics:
 class lvdetail, 3 metrics:
 class app_prm (PRM), 89 metrics:
 class tt (TRANSACTION), 131 metrics:
 class ttbin, 4 metrics:
 class thread, 283 metrics:
 class tt_instance, 9 metrics:
 class tt_client, 24 metrics:
 class tt_user_measurement, 10 metrics:
 class prm_byvg, 12 metrics:
 class byhba (HBA), 33 metrics:
 class ldom, 12 metrics:
 class procldom (PLDOM), 13 metrics:
 class bycore, 62 metrics:

Show the process data of APP with instance 190

# cpsh -c app -C proc -I 190 -m 'proc_mem_res proc_proc_id proc*name'

   Res            App               Group    Process     User
   Mem        PID Name              Name     Name        Name
91.4mb      12416 WebAppDoor        webowner manager     webuser
39.7mb       9977 WebAppDoor        webowner manager     webuser
55.0mb       9430 WebAppDoor        webowner manager     webuser
75.4mb      21043 WebAppDoor        webowner manager     webuser
35.9mb      24138 WebAppDoor        webowner server      webuser
21.6mb      25113 WebAppDoor        webowner manager     webuser
103mb       2393  WebAppDoor        webowner syncer      webuser

Show memory usage of all APPs

# cpsh -c app -m 'app_num app_name app_mem_res'

App App                      Res
Num Name                     Mem
  1 other                  351mb
 85 APP085                 1.4gb
 86 APP086                 1.4gb
 87 APP087                 3.3gb
 88 APP088                 2.7gb
195 network                 42mb
196 memory_management      172mb
197 OperationsAgent        2.9gb
198 other_user_root        1.5gb

Show CPU usage of all APPs

# cpsh -c app -m 'app_num app_name APP_CPU_TOTAL_UTIL'

App App
Num Name               CPU %
  1 other                0.3
 23 APP023              11.9
 24 APP024               0.0
 25 APP025               0.0
 46 network              0.0
 47 memory_management    0.1
 48 OperationsAgent      0.5
 49 other_user_root      0.4