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List of messages

Message Plugin Action
${_FILE_TO_CHECK} has a changed checksum [${_FILE_TYPE}] check_hpux_file_change monitored file was changed. Verify the file.
${_FILE_TO_CHECK} has the same checksum [${_FILE_TYPE}] check_hpux_file_change n/a
${_FILE_TO_CHECK} is a new file [${_FILE_TYPE}] check_hpux_file_change n/a
${_FILE_TO_CHECK} is not a file or has disappeared check_hpux_file_change monitored file has disappeared or it is not a file. Check the path & file.
${_FS} is mounted check_aix_fs_mounts n/a
${_FS} is not mounted check_aix_fs_mounts remount the filesystem
${_SUBSYS} is not on file check_aix_subsystems subsystem is not configured
${_SUBSYS} is not running check_aix_subsystems a required subsystem is not running. Restart the subsystem.
${_SUBSYS} is running check_aix_subsystems n/a
'${_CRON_ENTRY}' is configured in cron check_aix_root_crontab n/a
'${_CRON_ENTRY}' is configured multiple times in cron check_aix_root_crontab remove the duplicate line
'${_CRON_ENTRY}' is not configured in cron check_aix_root_crontab a required job entry is not present in the root crontab. Re-add the entry.
all paths are enabled check_aix_paths n/a
cannot compute checksum [${_FILE_TYPE}] for ${_FILE_TO_CHECK} check_hpux_file_change could not compute new checksum for the file. Run with debug for mode information
failure in some paths detected {lspath} check_aix_paths one or more hardware paths failed. Check the status on the VIOS.
file age of ${_FILE_AGE} has expired on ${_FILE_PATH} check_aix_file_age age of requested file is greater than expiry time. An update to the file was not done in a timely fashion
file age of ${_FILE_AGE} has not expired on ${_FILE_PATH} check_aix_file_age n/a
lppchk detected errors {lppchk -v -m1} check_aix_lppchk some of the installed software packages have problems. See the output of lppchk for more information.
lppchk passed without errors check_aix_lppchk n/a
new entries found in errpt:
{$(grep -c '^LABEL' ${HC_STDOUT_LOG} 2>/dev/null)}
check_aix_errpt check errpt command
no new entries found in {errpt} check_aix_errpt n/a
process checks: nmon=${_NMON}; topasrec=${_TOPAS} check_aix_topasrec there are more than 1 NMON or 1 topasrec processes running. Stop the superfluous processes.
sysbackup age for ${_BACKUP_HOST}: >${_BACKUP_AGE} days check_aix_sysbackup last OS backup (mksysb) is too old. Run a new OS system backup.
sysbackup age for ${_BACKUP_HOST}: <=${_BACKUP_AGE} days check_aix_sysbackup n/a
sysbackup status for ${_BACKUP_HOST}: completed successfully check_aix_sysbackup n/a
sysbackup status for ${_BACKUP_HOST}: completed with warnings check_aix_sysbackup n/a
sysbackup status for ${_BACKUP_HOST}: failed check_aix_sysbackup OS system backup (mksysb) failed. Check the log files why the backup failed and restart.

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