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Health checker

The Health Checker for UNIX/Linux (HC) is a small framework of monitoring & validation scripts. It is meant to be used for low latency & low frequency checks, it is easy to extend where necessary (plugins) and it can be integrated with other toolsets (YMMV).

It requires:

  • ksh88/ksh93 (mksh/pdksh will work also but YMMV)
  • UNIX cron or other scheduler
  • some disk space for storing logs & event files
  • system dependant tools/utilities (see individual health checks)
  • execute as user root only

Download the software from following GitHub repository:

Following topics provide more detail on the usage of the health checker:

  • Changelog:
    • The most interesting changes/fixes can be found in the Journal entries
    • Full changelog can be found on Github.

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