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Nov-03 - SSH+SUDO Controls updates

Created Saturday 03 November 2018


  • Added support to specify @group values for the --targets parameter and in the targets file(s)
  • Added support for nested aliases: up to 5 levels deep instead of just one level
  • Added --resolve-alias/--alias command-line parameter to manually check the resolution any alias


  • Fixed propagation of --debug flag (to clients & slaves)
  • Fixed propagation of --create-dir flag (to clients & slaves)
  • Fixed problem in --fix-local routine (by adding optional --fix-user command-line parameter and code)
  • Fixed check when adding key to ssh-agent
  • Added checking on alias resolution in --check-syntax routine
  • Better trap setting
  • Added typeset-ing to vars
  • Switched version numbering (now date based)
  • Code cleanup (now error & warning free in shellcheck/perlcritic linters)


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